Images Across Borders

Recently, two publications came out that are linked to the research project “The Nation and Its Other“, which I conducted from 2010 to 2014.

One is Dafna Ruppin’s revised dissertation that was published by John Libbey as The Komedi Bioscoop: Early Cinema in Colonial Indonesia. This pioneering study retraces the history of moving pictures in the Netherlands Indies between 1896 and 1914, from the first screening in Batavia (present-day Jakarta) on October 11, 1896 by the traveling exhibitor Louis Talbot to the existence of a full-fledged cinema landscape by the early 1910s.

The other is a special issue of Early Popular Visual Culture (14, 2) dedicated to “Encounters Across Borders”, which I co-edited with Sarah Dellmann. It contains a study by Giorgio Bertellini on Italian propaganda efforts in the USA following reports on Italian atrocities during the Italian-Turkish War (1911-1912), while Klaas de Zwaan and Adrian Gerber present a comparative study of the film The Battle Cry of Peace (1915) in the two neutral countries of Switzerland and the Netherlands during the First World War. Matthew Solomon contributes an analysis of the transnational distribution of Georges Méliès’s films between 1896 and 1908. Dafna Ruppin and Nadi Tofighian examine the various companies operating under the name of American Biograph as traveling exhibitors in South East Asia.

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