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Images Across Borders

February 6, 2017

Recently, two publications came out that are linked to the research project “The Nation and Its Other“, which I conducted from 2010 to 2014. One is Dafna Ruppin’s revised dissertation that was published by John Libbey as The Komedi Bioscoop: Early Cinema in Colonial Indonesia. This pioneering study retraces the history of moving pictures in […]

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Machines Magic Media

August 22, 2016

  The beautiful castle of Cerisy-la-Salle is an ideal place to discuss the complex interrelationships between media, magic and technology. I am one of the organisers of this conference which is part of an international research project (for more details look here). Academics and magicians explore together various aspects of this subject. Besides lectures and […]

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A Million Pictures

June 16, 2016

  About a year ago, in June 2016, the JPI Heritage Plus project “A Million Pictures: Magic Lantern Slide Heritage as Artefacts in the Common European History of Learning” started and it will run until May 2018. It aims at exploring the educational use of magic lanterns in the 19th century, to help institutions holding slide […]

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Mise en scène

August 19, 2015

  I published a little book on the concept of mise en scène, which forms part of a trilogy, together with Jacques Aumont’s Montage and Timothy Barnard’s Découpage. The book was published by the Montreal-based publisher caboose in their Kino-Agora series. The book sketches the history of the term from its origins in theatre in the 19th century to contemporary […]

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Notes on the Concept of Cultural Series

March 16, 2015

In 2013 the Media & Performance Seminar here at Utrecht University was dedicated to the concept of “series”. In one of the sessions I presented a paper on the concept of “Cultural Series”, proposed by Gaudreault at the 1996 conference on Méliès held at Cerisy la Salle. I reworked that presentation into a working document […]

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